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R FLOW SYSTEM  was born from a very simple observation :

A mask upside down is useless!!!

As we have all noticed for a very long time, a large number of even very high level pilots raise the temperature under their helmets and especially under their goggles!

The only solution offered to them to cool off or remove the fog,

until the creation of  R FLOW system ,

was to put the mask upside down, so a mask that is no longer useful in terms of protection.......

Concept #1 is to create "R Flow" Airflow

in order to ventilate the user, whether high level competitor or hiker


At R FLOW SYSTEM we never talk about fog, we don't know!!!!  

This innovation has also proved itself even more, with wearers of prescription glasses who very often encounter fogging problems.


A simple action on the side triggers, allows the opening and closing of the screen in a fraction of a second!

R FLOW SYSTEM has 3 positions 


  The open position allows you to decrease

immediately the temperature under the mask,

to eliminate any presence of mist, while being

protected from splashes.

An intermediate position allows you to ride 

in rainy weather with a small opening,

so no fogging even in the rain.

To close, simply press the triggers

closes the screen.

Click Clack!!!

Several types of triggers, we have seen the light of day since the beginnings in 2017, feedback from the field, pilots and customers, we are changing the shapes, design and colors.

Several shapes are currently available, they have the same functionality, the only differences are aesthetic and ergonomic!


TRIG or Evo, choose from 9 colors for the MT4 mask range!


The R FLOW SYSTEM adventure has also made it possible to meet a large number of users in different sports and different uses, feedback from the field has made it possible to gather the maximum of characteristics expected to increase comfort and made it possible to design the NEXT mask.

R FLOW SYSTEM is an Auvergne invention and a registered trademark, born in the field, from exchange and passion in Extreme Enduro!

Tested and adopted by the greatest French pilots in Extreme enduro, in DH, this concept has already demonstrated its effectiveness in the most difficult conditions, in the biggest French and World races.

This performance on the ground demonstrates the quality that we attach to the products and their effectiveness!

Auvergnat design design, tested on all terrains in France through the Extreme Challenge races since 2017

The R Flow System kits are entirely manufactured and assembled in Auvergne, French packaging and packaged in France!

PRC manufacturing mask  

#An open Mask is better than upside down...

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