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Hydrophobic and Anti-scratch universal film

The hydrophobic and anti-scratch film protects your screens and guarantees an optimal field of vision in difficult weather conditions (rain, mud, sand, etc.)

The hydrophobic characteristics of the films will allow water to drain automatically under speed, wiping away mud or sand leaving virtually no trace.

The anti-scratch treatment will increase the lifespan of your screens.

A change of film will be necessary more or less quickly depending on the conditions of use, between 10 and 20 hours (recommended) in order to guarantee efficiency and optimal vision.

Leaves no marks on the screen when taking off

SECUR films are universal and can be used on all models of motocross and enduro masks, you can cut them to fit your screen.

The films are available in a format of 50x165mm.

Compatible ECRAN NEXT & GP, MT4 with recut

Example of x3 pack


3 Cleaning kits before installation

1 Packaging

1 Instruction manual


Installation instruction :

Install in a clean place without dust or wind, any remaining dust will cause poor adhesion.

It is recommended to install the film on a new screen.

Preview how to position your SECUR Film on your screen.

Use the small cleaning kit to prepare the surface of the screen, wipe carefully to dry the surface.

Remove the BACK protective film from the SECUR film

Position the film starting at one end then press gradually

to the other end, apply the film using the small white plate.

It is recommended to prepare the installation of the film a few hours before use in order to optimize bonding or use a heat gun to optimize (not too hot 30° MAX and not too close of course)


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